Making The Most Of Your Patio Cover With Aluminum

For our customer’s, aluminum patio covers are a favorite pick because of their overall quality, look and long-term value. Rick’s Fencing offers Duralum’s broad array of Weatherwood products. These aluminum covers and awnings speak for themselves with a whole host of advantages!

Hassle-free maintenance makes cleaning your patio cover a breeze! A Dupont Teflon surface creates a protective barrier from dirt and debris. A light scrub with a bucket of soap and water will restore the look of your patio cover.

Aluminum may be a lightweight metal, but it outdoes many patio systems in strength and durability. Built to withstand heavy loads, wind, and even earthquakes, your Duralum patio cover will last through years of wear and tear.

Enjoy the strength of aluminum and the appearance of wood with Duralum’s Weatherwood products. With 4 unique design cuts and 8 colors to choose from, you can admire the natural wood look without rotting and deterioration.

Duralum Aluminum Patio Cover

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