3 Ways to make your deck project stand out!

When you open up Pinterest these days to look at ideas for your next outdoor project, it can be daunting to see all the options out there! Especially when it comes to decks and patios! So many options, which material do I choose, and how do I make this deck all my own without breaking the bank? Rick’s has 3 easy suggestions that can personalize your deck whether you’re having a professional install it, or tackling the project yourself!

Add a Race Track

This is one of our favorite ways to spruce up a deck design that may start out with a simple shape, like a basic rectangle, and take the design to the next level. You can add this detail just around the outside edge of the deck to give you a nice border, or you can add it in to the design by highlighting a seating area or feature. This is also a great way to maximize full length boards and avoid having seams and patterns in your decking layout. The best part: you can do this with any material, cedar, composite, or hardwood. With wood decks, a more contrasting color effect can be achieved with stain, while composite offers color choices that make it easy to contrast your main decking color.

This method takes just a little thought and planning in the construction phase, as you will need to put together your framing and blocking underneath slightly differently. Ask your decking expert for advice if you are installing yourself!

deck 1 edit race track

Add a Built in Bench or Planter Box … or Both!

If you are someone who loves to have plants on the deck, why not consider incorporating those directly in to the deck design. A bench can add seating or a natural place to incorporate pots or flower baskets on the deck, while a built in planter box can give you a great visual barrier that shows off your green thumb!

Add a Custom Privacy Screen

Maybe you have always dreamed of creating that wonderful sitting area on your back deck, or adding that hot tub, but the nosy neighbors next door are always snooping over the fence to see what you’re up to. That’s when privacy screens can add beauty and much needed privacy to your space. Material options and customization are plenty here, so no need to let that neighbor keep you from creating that perfect backyard sanctuary!

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Make your new deck all your own with some simple design features that can really enhance your deck’s look and personalize it to your home and style! Call one of the Rick’s decking specialists today to schedule your FREE design consultation.


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