Benefits of a Patio Cover

We love the outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest. Whether rain or snow, you’ll find us biking, hiking, kayaking, and more! However, your home should be a place where you can feel comfortable no matter what and no matter what the weather is like. Upgrade your deck and add on a patio cover! A cover provides year-round use and enjoyment. Let’s learn about the patio cover options at Rick’s and how you can pick the best one for your home.

At Rick’s, we focus on the following three types of patio covers:

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Wood-framed patio covers

These covers work exceptionally well with the craftsman-style homes that are so popular in the Pacific Northwest. Originally created in opposition to the popular Victorian style during the early 20th century, craftsman architecture values natural materials and forms. That’s why these homes meld so beautifully with wood covers.

Wood is always a popular choice since it’s affordable and can be customized in so many ways. It adds a timeless style to outdoor spaces. Plus, the solid ceiling allows for cool breezes while shielding people, pets, and furniture from the rain, sun, and wind.

Wood-framed patio covers may include features like exposed beams, wood soffitting, and powder-coated brackets that can complement or even match the look of your home. We can make your cover look like it’s an original part of your home by tying it into the wall line or we can custom finish the cover directly into the existing roof. Increase your living space while adding value to your home.

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Standard Wood Framed Covers

Duralum patio covers

Aluminum patio covers by Duralum are a high-quality, durable option. Duralum’s Weatherwood covers boast the appearance of wood with the strength of aluminum. With four unique design cuts and eight colors to choose from, you’ll love the natural wood look without rotting and deterioration. Built to withstand wind, heavy loads, and earthquakes, Duralum covers last for years.

Hassle-free maintenance makes Duralum popular among homeowners. Thanks to a protective coating of Dupont Teflon, a light scrub with soap and water restores the look of a dirty patio cover. Plus, they’re not susceptible to pest infestations and they won’t rust, crack, or peel, even in extreme weather.

At Rick’s, we think that ranch-style homes work especially well with Duralum Weatherwood. These covers can be installed on the roof over the wall line with relative ease. This keeps the whole patio dry and protected. Thanks to our use of the Sky-Lift Bracket System, your patio cover will be securely attached to your home, so the cover will be able to withstand strong winds.

Weatherwood products adhere to the same strict standards – from design to quality control to engineering specifications – and all meet or exceed national building codes. Duralum products also have transferable lifetime full warranty and a twenty-year limited warranty. Get the natural look of a solid wood structure with the durability and maintenance-free performance of aluminum!

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Acrilyte patio covers

For modern-style homes with bold colors and defined lines, consider an Acrilyte patio cover. Available in four different finishes, Acrilyte covers feature powder-coated aluminum frames and acrilyc panels that block UV rays while providing plenty of light. Even on overcast days, you’ll love how the acrylite patio cover beautifully diffuses the light. They’re not affected by hot, cold, or wet weather so they won’t peel or rust. They’re shatter-resistant, too. In fact, Acrilyte was designed and built in the Pacific Northwest for the Pacific Northwest so you’ll be confident your cover will last for years.

Acrilyte patio covers are low maintenance, requiring little more than a scrub with soap and water to look like new. Pick from various solar tints and heat stop options for extra protection and added longevity.

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1010 Covers Acrylite

What about permits?

At Rick’s, we often get questions about permits. While the exact information is dependent on your municipality, we always advocate for being cautious to avoid an issue in the future!

Does my patio cover need a permit? 

While it may vary by municipality, the one rule that most areas seem to adhere to is that if your cover is over 200 sq. feet, you need a permit. Many people think if it’s not attached to the house then a permit isn’t needed. However, even a free-standing structure built on your property needs a permit if it’s more than 200 sq. feet. Many covers over a certain size will also require engineering to make sure the cover will be built solid enough to withstand things like potential snow load and wind gusts.

What happens if I don’t get a permit? 

There aren’t any cover police that are going to come after you if you decide not to get a permit, but down the road this can be a very costly mistake for a few reasons. This is simplest to explain when you look at a couple of scenarios where you would need to have your permit on file with the city.

1) Your neighbor gets jealous over your fancy new cover and calls in a complaint to the city, resulting in a search for an on-file permit. When none is found, you will be forced to either take out the cover or get a permit after the fact. If your cover was not built to code this can mean costly structural changes, or even a total rebuild.

2) You list your home for sale and during the inspection, the prospective buyers search for a permit on file. Without this permit, they can either require you to get one after the fact (which we just learned can be very costly or mean a total rebuild) or they use it to negotiate your home sale price.

3) Your cover fails and either someone is injured or there is damage done to your home. Your home owner’s insurance will not cover liability or damages if the cover was built without a permit.

Enjoy your patio all year long

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