How to Pick the Perfect Patio Cover for Your Home

Acrylite Cover

In the Pacific Northwest, we love the outdoors! We’re not afraid to hike, bike, climb, kayak, and off-road our way around the state come rain or shine. But when you’re back home, looking for a cozy respite from those cold and rainy days, wouldn’t it be nice to have an outdoor space you can use all year long? Maybe it’s time to add a little living space to your home with a patio cover! But which one? Here’s a little guide to your options for the best patio cover for your home!

Acrylite Cover

Modern Style

Homes with dark, bold colors, more stainless-steel appliances and accents, and sharp lines in the design can benefit from a modern style cover. Our Acrilyte Covers feature a powder-coated aluminum frame available in four different finishes, and acrilyc panels that block out UV Rays while amplifying light underneath to keep your deck and home bright during the winter months.

Ranch Style

Ranch style homes, often times with a low roof line that can be hard to make work with just any style patio cover, are perfect for a Duralum Patio Cover. This cover can be easily installed on to the roof over the wall line making sure it keeps the whole covered area dry and protected. We use a Sky-Lift Bracket System that creates a secure connection to your home that is weather-proof and ready to withstand strong winds.

Duralum Patio Cover
Wood Framed Cover

Rustic/Craftsman Style

These craftsman style homes with unique rustic touches are becoming more and more popular in new PNW homes. Our Custom Wood Framed Covers feature exposed beams, wood sofitting, and powder-coated brackets that can be used to carry the look of your home right on to your patio! Depending on the needs of your project, we can custom finish the cover directly in to your existing roof, or tie in to your wall line, making it look like the cover was an original part of your home and adding home value along with living space.

No matter the style of your home, there is a cover option that works and adds valuable outdoor space to use year-round! Whether it’s a Duralum, Acrilyte, or Custom Wood Framed Cover, Let’s find the right one for you today!


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