Gorilla PVC Decking

Gorilla PVC Decking

Worried your deck ideas aren’t up to the heavy elements of the Pacific Northwest? Tough, high quality Gorilla decking resists the harsh effects of weathering and requires minimal upkeep—just a quick cleaning, and you’ll have a deck that’s sparkling like new in no time at all.

Gorilla’s interlocking design will set your deck apart from the rest of the neighborhood in a major way. Each Gorilla PVC board fastens together tightly, leaving no room between them, creating a reinforced deck surface. Additionally, Gorilla Deck’s water-shedding technology allows you to use the dry, extra space below your deck year-round.

Ideal for the sometimes-extreme climates of Washington and Oregon, Gorilla decking can also withstand the low-humidity heat and cold of summer and winter in the Pacific Northwestt, and a UV-stabilized finish on all Gorilla PVC boards gives you a deck that won’t be damaged by long exposure to Ultraviolet rays.

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