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Trish Trickit - The Pit Bull Pen

Congratulations to Trish Trickit our first winner of the Great Fence Giveaway! After receiving the most nominations of anyone else in the contest (17 different nominations!), it came down to your votes, and the contest was close down to the last days. It was clear all along that the love for Trish and the organization she runs out of her home was great in this area, and the supporters came through strong in the last days to put them on top!

Thank you to all of those that participated in The Great Fence Giveaway! We received over 100 nominations of deserving families and organizations in the Tri-Cities area from friends, families, and neighbors. With over 8,000 votes in the month of May to decide the winners, it was a testament to how amazing this community is that you all showed up in support for each other!

The Pit Bull Pen received 17 different nominations, more than any other participant! Take a moment and read why they were nominated!

"They are a wonderful rescue, people that dedicate their time selflessly for other innocent beings that deserve a second chance."

- Maritza

"Trish eats and breaths rescue. She never gets a break. She takes care of so many animals that need love. She doesn’t get city money or country money like the humane societies etc. everything is by donation. She needs fencing so badly. Please consider The Pit Bull Pen."

- Terri

"Trish owns a rescue which is located at her house. She’s helped save thousands of dogs and has the biggest heart. She is an amazing individual and has so much to give to the community. This would be a huge help for her rescue.”

- Alexis

Our passion lies in rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding homes for dogs abandoned by people. To further our mission of rescuing at-risk dogs, advocating for the breed, and educating the public about the true nature of a pit bull raised in a loving home, we have established a 2.5-acre facility near Benton City. Currently, we provide a home to 20 adult dogs, ensuring their safety and well-being. “Enabling these dogs to safely enjoy the outdoors promotes balance, increases their chances of adoption, and allows them to expend energy, making them more adaptable to kennel life when necessary. With a fenced 1-acre running area at the back of our facility, these dogs can explore, play, and relax under the shade of trees. This addition would significantly enhance the lives of our rescue dogs, offering them the opportunity to run freely and experience joy. “Witnessing a rescued dog revel in life’s simple pleasures is a heartwarming sight that brightens our days.

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