Pergolas For Every Yard

When the summer sun kicks into high gear, it’s vital to provide a comfortable, shaded place for your family and friends to gather. Pergolas are the perfect way to add classic charm and functionality to your yard. Learn more about pergolas and find the perfect one for your home at Rick’s!

What is a pergola?

Pergolas are structures that provide partial shelter and shade. Typically constructed with posts at the corners and slats across the roof, they’re a great option for blocking some sun. Additional material (like curtains) can be added along the top and sides if the homeowner wants more protection. These structures work well with climbing vines, too. Our customers love planting evergreen vines like clematis and jasmine for beautiful greenery year-round. Pergolas are often constructed over an existing patio or deck. They’re also a good way to add an extra seating area in an underused corner of a backyard or to add a focal point to complement landscaping.

Cedar Pergola Image

Benefits of pergolas

If you’re looking for a way to make a seating area more comfortable and more beautiful, then consider a pergola. They have so many benefits!

  • Enjoy the outdoors with just enough protection: If you enjoy being surrounded by nature and you just want enough shade to keep you cool, then a pergola is a great option. Let light through without suffering from too much heat or sunburn. During winter rains, you can add a cover to the pergola. If you’ve planted vines, you may be able to enjoy a light shower without getting too wet!
  • Gain privacy without being isolated: You don’t want to be on display in your own yard and a pergola is the perfect way to create private seating areas. Screens or lattices – especially when planted with vines – are a gorgeous way of blocking out neighbors or unsightly views. But with plenty of open space around you, you’ll still feel like you’re enjoying your backyard, not a screened-in porch.
  • Create more green space: Pergolas are great structures if you want to add more garden space. Hang plants from the side or ceiling boards and cluster potted plants around the pergola’s perimeter. And, as we’ve mentioned, pergolas are ideal for growing vines if you like the look of a natural ceiling.
  • Define your yard: Pergolas serve as focal points in a yard and can add definition to certain areas. Create an outdoor dining area, a yoga corner, or a little lounge area for outdoor movies. A pergola sets this area apart from the rest of your yard, providing visual appeal.

Cedar pergolas

Cedar pergolas can bring new life to your backyard. At Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking, we design pergolas to compliment your existing decking and landscaping, create a beautiful addition to your home, and give you a custom outdoor area for all to enjoy. These structures allow for the perfect amount of air and shade during the hot summer months. When placed over walkways or entertainment areas, cedar pergolas make dramatic, stately additions to your yard.

When we construct a cedar pergola, we use only the best materials. Port Orford Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, pests, and decay so you can enjoy the warmth of wood without rotting. It’s also one of the strongest softwoods on the market, even beating out Redwood in crushing strength and impact bending. Cedar is also resistant to warping, so it will last through many wet, cold winters and hot summers to come.

Vinyl pergolas

Vinyl pergolas are a smart pergolas choice for homeowners who want little to no maintenance of their patio space. They require little more than a periodic rinse with a garden hose and some mild soap. Vinyl pergolas can mimic the look of wood and their clean, white lines can provide a modern and chic look. The durability of vinyl is another major perk. They withstand rain and wind and won’t fade or crack. Add to all of that that vinyl comes with a lifetime warranty and you’ll love your vinyl pergola for years and years!

Vinyl or cedar pergola – which is better?

The best product is based on a variety of personal factors. What’s your budget? How long do you want the pergola to last? What kind of upgrades and changes might you make to your yard in the new few years? How customized will the pergola be? What kind of look do you want?

The best way to decide on a material is to contact the experts at Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking! After assessing your yard, your needs, and your budget, we’ll outline the options so you can make a confident, informed decision. Even better? You’ll end up with an incredible outdoor space that your friends and family will love! Contact Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking today!


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