Why doesn't Rick's offer the same selection of decking as the Big Box Stores?

This is a great question and the answer may surprise you! Rick’s has 5 fully-stocked lumber yards and plenty of space to carry all the same options that these national chains do, so why don’t we?…

Well, here are 3 reasons why:

1. We’ve done the research!

We know that composite decking is available in hundreds of colors and lots of brands, but what about the companies behind those products… When we choose a company to supply a product that Rick’s will sell or install for our customers, that company better be ready to back up that product 100%! Certain large manufacturers of composite decking are always “innovating” their product, but that often means that last year’s decking is discontinued and out of warranty when something goes wrong. We make sure that our suppliers are ready to provide long term service and support for their product, including covering ALL materials and labor if there is ever an issue with that product!

2. Not all decking and railing is right for our climate

For many years, Rick’s wouldn’t install composite decking. We realized that the technology wasn’t up to the temperate climate of the PNW and more often than not, these decks were failing even with the best product on the market. National chains were selling the same decking to everyone, regardless of where they were at and whether that product could fail due to their environment, and that meant the early adopters of composite in our area got stuck with decks that were covered in black mold spots, boards that were swelling and splitting, and fasteners that were breaking. Our early composite customers were among the lucky few that had their decks fully replaced with no labor and material costs because these manufacturers stood by their product, while others were left with the full cost of replacing their deck less than 10 years after installing.

3. Our installers are the BEST!

A decking product is only as good as the experienced crew that installs it. And experience is the key word there. That’s the last reason we are so picky about our products. If we installed every type of decking out there, our crews would be constantly trying to keep up with the different warranty specifications, latest trends of ever-changing fasteners, and the newest un-tested materials. While our crews are always learning and adapting to each custom project we do, they also have knowledge and experience of the product that they are installing because we as a company know and back that product! If we carry a product, that means we KNOW it’s the best product out there!

After 40 years in business, we’ve seen a lot of products and companies come and go, but Rick’s is here to stay! So why not let us tell you about the products we carry and the amazing knowledgeable crews that could install it for you! Call or Click for your FREE estimate today!


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