We do the digging, you take the credit! How a Partial Installation can save you money and time!

20 years ago, our stores were booming with DIY sales! Often on a Saturday, there would be a line out the door when we opened at 8am until we closed at 5pm. Nowadays, the do-it-yourselfer has mostly disappeared into a busy lifestyle that does not allow for building your own fence or deck on the weekend. But we may have just the option for the person who is ambitious enough to take on the project but doesn’t have the time or expertise to tackle the whole thing themselves: The Partial Installation!

Here are your options when it comes to partial installations of your home project:

Post Set, Materials Delivered

A Posts Set, Materials Delivered package works exactly how it sounds. A crew arrives at your home with everything needed to build your new fence. They will then install all the posts for you in concrete and prep the area for you to finish the install. If it is a Cedar Fence you can discuss with your estimator whether or not you’d like to have the rails of the fence installed as well or if you will install the boards and rails yourself. With a vinyl fence, the process is like putting together a puzzle. The posts are already cut so the bottom rail just slides in, the boards go into the groove of the bottom rail, and the top rail goes on top of it all and you’re done!

Frame Set, Materials Delivered

The Frame Set package works just like above, but with your new deck. Your crew will deliver all the necessary materials and then get to work attaching a ledger board to your house, laying out the framing, installing the support posts, and assembling all of the foundation pieces so that you can easily come through and lay down your new deck boards. If your deck needs a permit, no problem! We can draw up the plans, submit the permit application and schedule the inspections. Once you have finished laying the deck boards, we’ll arrange for the final inspection and a walkthrough for any finishing touches. Want to try a low maintenance deck material like composite? Great, we have 5 different natural tones that will look great and are easy to install!

Custom installation packages

Sometimes a project doesn’t fit in the standard box, and that’s why we pride ourselves on helping people with their custom projects for more than 40 years. Talk to your estimator about your options and let them come up with a creative way to get your project into your budget for both time and money.

The most important part of any of these options, is that they come with expert guidance as to how to complete your installation. The crew will stay and help you put together the first section of fencing, or get the first couple rows of decking done, so you feel confidant in finishing the project yourself!

So, if tackling the whole project is not an option, consider letting us do the hard work while you take all the credit!

Here are some of the necessary items you will need to complete the job. Don’t have these on hand? Not a problem, ask us about our rental options or let us help you find them:

  • Skill saw
  • Level and pencil
  • Cordless screw gun
  • Hammer
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses and ear protection


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