How can a local Fencing and Decking company help people right now?

What can a local Fencing and Decking company do to help during a global pandemic? That’s a question that has weighed heavily on our minds as March draws to a close and we head into April. April is historically our biggest month of the year, with the weather starting to warm up and people starting to think about spending the summer in their yards, and while it will still be a busy month for us, we are focusing more on the safety of our employees and our customers and how we can help our community in this time.

Here are some of the things we are doing right now:

1. Maintain Social Distancing

We are incredibly fortunate our retail locations can remain open and our Oregon stores can keep safely installing projects at customer’s homes, all while maintaining our minimum 6’ distancing.

Sign on the door of all our locations.

2. Donate ANY materials that our Health Care Workers could use

Like many construction companies, we carry N95 masks on hand. When a customer from our Salem location who works at the local hospital reached out and said that the staff was running dangerously low, we rounded up everything we had from our locations and donated almost 350 masks. If you know of any other local construction companies, reach out and ask them to donate what they have, it could save a life!

Store manager, Ben Fitzgerald, passes off 350 masks to be delivered to Salem Hospital.

3. Keep doing essential work

Residential construction may not seem like your textbook example of an essential service, but think about the second level deck that’s starting to feel a little wobbly, or that handrail that is not strong enough to hold your weight if you lean against it. These services are truly essential for the security of your home and as long as we can provide them while maintaining the safety of our employees and our customers, we will.

Cole and Sebastian from our Hillsboro store replace the decking and railing on this upper level deck to bring it up to code.

These may not be big things, but just like every small business, we are doing the best we can and hope to be a little better each day. Please reach out to us if you think there are more things we can be doing to help out the community, and let us know what you are doing to help out yours!


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