Spring Fence and Deck Trends: Transform Your Outdoor Space

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Spring has sprung, and it’s the perfect time to begin planning outdoor projects. After all, the warmer temperatures and increased daylight the season brings provide the ideal conditions for planting and construction.

Those of us in the PNW know these days are precious, so prioritizing which projects to tackle is essential. Here are some trends to boost your garden capabilities and the enjoyment of your patio and fence so you have plenty of time to enjoy the warmer summer months to come.

Enhance your deck with beautiful built-in garden beds

While gardens are a fantastic addition to any space, finding room for one can be difficult. Maximizing your outdoor space is key, and integrating garden beds into your deck is a great solution.

These innovative garden features blend the charm of blooming flowers with the functionality of modern decking, creating a harmonious outdoor sanctuary that captivates the senses. The beds can also be used to grow herbs and small vegetables, creating a source of fresh food just outside your kitchen.

With their elevated design, garden beds optimize space, attract pollinators, and promote healthy plant growth. Say goodbye to constantly changing pots every spring — these garden beds are built to last.

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Stay cool when the sun shines by opting for a patio cover

Patio covers are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, offering both style and practical benefits. They provide shade on hot summer days, so you can enjoy your patio or deck comfortably. Plus, these structures shield your outdoor furniture from weather-related wear and tear, extending its lifespan.

Rick’s has a variety of cover options available, making it easy to find the perfect cover for your needs and style. Consider opting for a material like Acrylite, which offers shade while still allowing light through. This allows you to grow plants that prefer indirect or partial sunlight in these spaces. Unlike traditional materials, Acrylite is resistant to yellowing and deterioration over time, so your deck or patio will remain vibrant for years.

Acrylite patio covers are customizable to fit various architectural styles, making them a versatile option for enhancing any outdoor living area. Their innovative design elevates the comfort and usability of your patio and contributes to energy efficiency by reducing heat buildup, making them an eco-friendly addition to your home.

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Upgrade your outdoor space with modern fencing

Fences aren’t just excellent barriers for keeping things in and out of your yard; they also act as a canvas that frames your outdoor living space. The wet weather on the PNW often creates issues for fences and can compromise their structure and aesthetics. An effective solution to this is to fortify your fence with metal posts.

The urban aesthetic of metal and wood fences

Horizontal fences can use metal instead of wood for the posts, improving the most common fail point and ensuring your fence is meant to stand the test of time. This innovative fusion offers the strength, longevity, and urban aesthetic of metal and brings wood’s warm, inviting appeal into your landscape design, perfect for any modern home.

Opting for a combined metal and wood fence elevates the security and privacy of your home while boosting its curb appeal, making it a wise investment for those looking to blend functionality with distinctive style. In essence, the perfect fence is a crucial element that can transform your yard into a cohesive, secure, and visually appealing outdoor sanctuary.

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Good neighbor fences: embrace natural charm and privacy

If you want a more natural look to your fence but still want the durability of metal posts, a good neighbor fence is a fantastic option. The overlapping fence boards can hide the metal posts, making them almost invisible. Plus, the design allows gusts of wind to pass through the boards seamlessly, giving them more room to dry.

Good neighbor fences present a finished, attractive appearance on both sides, eliminating the notion of a “bad side” and fostering a sense of shared investment in the boundary that divides properties. By incorporating visually appealing designs from every angle, good neighbor fences promote harmony and add value to the community’s ambiance.  They can also be customized with a variety of finishing options, such as adding a top cap so you can match the style of your fence to your home’s aesthetic.

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