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More love to give: local business and nonprofit work together for backyard makeover

As one of the largest retailers in Oregon and Washington for fencing and decking supplies, Rick’s Fencing is committed to the neighborhoods where we live and work. One way we do that is through our Community Support programs, where we partner and volunteer with fantastic organizations that positively impact our local communities.

One of our most recent partnerships is with Michelle’s Love, a local nonprofit that helps single parents undergoing cancer treatment. The organization provides meals, home cleanings, and rent / mortgage payments, which allow parents more time to heal and spend with their children.

This past April, our team was asked if we could build a fence for a woman in Northeast Portland. Stephanie, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, was worrying about her yard and her dog. Although we had just a week’s notice, everyone was all in!

We started by cleaning up the yard and preparing for the new fence. Our work included yard cleanup, gutter and pressure washing, taking down the existing fence, and hauling dirt. Our volunteers pooled their equipment, which included weed wackers, wheelbarrows, and a pressure washer. Within a day, Stephanie had a pristine yard and a beautiful new cedar fence.

Rick’s not only donated volunteer time, but we donated the materials. “We were honored to donate almost 100 feet of fencing around her backyard,” said Taylor Wick, Director of Marketing at Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking.

“An abundant thanks to Michelle‘s Love and Rick’s Custom Fencing for making my yard my new favorite place to be,” Stephanie said. She appreciated that she could spend time with her child and not worry about her dog escaping before her upcoming surgery.

Get involved!

If you know of a local business or individual who is looking for a great way to get involved, financial support is the biggest need of Michelle’s Love. Given rampant inflation, the work they do is only increasing in importance. With a goal of keeping families at home during treatment, Michelle’s Love provided $94,000 in rent and mortgage payments in 2022. Other monetary donations provide meals, gas cards, and cleaning supplies while in-kind donations provide services such as landscaping, car maintenance, and home repairs. Visit Michelle’s Love today for more information on how to volunteer or donate!

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