EcoStone Fencing 101: The Essential Guide

Appearance, quality, lifespan and upkeep are all important details to keep in mind when you’re installing fencing. We want you to make an informed decision when choosing your fence material. Here’s the rundown on what makes EcoStone fencing so great:

Elegant And Easy

Enjoy the look of stone without the maintenance of a real rock fence. Developed to mimic the naturally rugged texture and appearance of granite, EcoStone won’t chip or crack. And maintenance is kept simple with an annual washing. Despite constant exposure to the weather, the color of your fence will remain vibrant for its lifetime.

Structural Strength

Who wants a fence that topples over in a windstorm? Or cracks and breaks in just a few years? With EcoStone, strength and durability will never be a problem. EcoStone is a durable vinyl material that’s reinforced with galvanized steel, making it structurally tough and built to perform.

EcoStone Rock Fenceline

Superior Privacy

Solid construction means maximum privacy. This robust fence material keeps your yard well-confined and helps reduce noise from nearby roads and neighbors. 98% of direct noise is completely eliminated with EcoStone.

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