Green Fencing: Eco-Friendly & Aesthetically Superior


Green Fencing: Eco-Friendly & Aesthetically Superior

Posted by on September 12, 2019

Enhance your landscaping with a fence that respects the environment. Polyethylene plastic is recycled and recyclable, allowing you to install a fence that’s more than just attractive. When the eco-friendly factor is at stake, we have the solutions for you!

These post-consumer recycled fences are offered in two stunning styles:

Allegheny Fencing Beautifully compliments the natural landscape with its faux-stone appearance. The three-dimensional and textured look is difficult to distinguish from real rock.

Sherwood Fencing Replicates the look of traditional cedar planks. The classic look of a wooden fence without the downsides of real wood. 

Both of these fence options are virtually maintenance-free. You’ll never have to worry about painting, replacing old boards, cracking, warping or rotting.

Ready for an earth-friendly fence that looks stylish too? Rick’s Fencing can help you plan a fast and affordable installation. Call today!

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