5 Common Pasture Fencing Mistakes


5 Common Pasture Fencing Mistakes

5 Common Pasture Fencing Mistakes

Posted by on June 27, 2019

Here in the Northwest, we live the country life. It’s not uncommon to be stuck behind a horse trailer, tractor, or a truck full of hay. Whether your property is home to cattle, horses, sheep or goats, solid pasture fencing is a must-have to keep your livestock safe.

Rick’s fencing offers beautiful and low-maintenance fencing for the local homesteaders and farmers. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid with the help of a professional:

  • Picking the wrong type of fence material for your needs
  • Putting access gates in inconvenient locations
  • Digging where underground utilities are located
  • Accidentally fencing outside the property line
  • Not purchasing enough material for your needs

Need the help of a professional to design your pasture fencing? Call Rick’s Fencing today for honest advice and recommendations!

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