3 Fencing Secrets You Might Not Know

Mind The Gap

Most people don’t realize how variable wood can be. When installing a cedar fence, you have to keep in mind that the wood can and likely will shrink. You might install your boards tightly side-by-side, only to find uneven gaps in a matter of weeks.

For maximized privacy, set your spacing with the expectation that the wood will shrink up to ¼ inch. You can even make gaps non-existent by using an overlap look.

Plan, Plan, Plan

You can never be too careful when planning your fence project. Poor planning can result in wasted time, money and materials. Make sure you know exactly where your fence can go. Get your hands on a plat map and take tons of measurements of your property. This will give you an accurate idea of what you’ll need to complete your fence.

Get A Gate Guru

Installing gates is tricky for a newbie. Gates are used by people, cattle and cars, so pick the best location for your needs. You’ll want convenient spots that are easy to access and have no obstructions. Make sure you have the correct gate size for everyone or everything that needs to fit through it. Make sure it’s a quality gate that won’t sag or warp over time.

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