4 Reasons Why a Port Orford Cedar Deck is a Great Option in the Pacific Northwest

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What is Port Orford Cedar?

Port Orford Cedar (POC), also known as Oregon cedar or Lawson Cypress, is native to Southwest Oregon and Northwest California. Port Orford is renowned for its durability, strength, and resistance to decay, which make it a popular choice for outdoor living spaces.

Historically, Port Orford Cedar was valued by native people and used for constructing sweat lodges and furniture. Today, this wood is in high demand in eastern Asian countries and the United States, where it’s used to build temples, homes, instruments, canoes, and even arrow shafts.

Benefits of installing a Port Orford Cedar deck

Port Orford Cedar is an excellent choice for decking because it can withstand Oregon and Washington’s wet climate and remain strong and beautiful for many years. POC is well known for its strength, style, and easy maintenance.

1. Known for its strength and decay resistance

Port Orford Cedar is the strongest decking material available for wood deck construction. It’s 40% stronger than Redwood or Western Red Cedar in impact bending and has a 590 lbf (pounds-force) on the Janka hardness scale.

While other PNW decks may warp, rot or cup as they expand and contract in seasonal temperatures, Port Orford’s superior sustainability can handle the elements like no other wood. Not a fan of bugs? The tannin in POC makes it resistant to insect attacks, too. POC was even used for storage battery separators in World War II due to its resistance to acid corrosion.

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2. Add style and elegance to your outdoor living space

Port Orford Cedar is very blond when first milled, and initial exposure to oxygen and UV light will turn it into a beautiful gold tone, while prolonged exposure will result in a silver patina. POC is versatile and beautiful, adding a natural and rustic charm to your outdoor living space.

Port Orford Cedar’s natural color and grain pattern add a warm and inviting touch. It’s a highly workable wood that will hold paint, stains, and glues very well. This allows you virtually unlimited color options for staining your wood deck.

3. POC decks are easy to maintain

To maximize the longevity of your Port Orford Cedar and help keep your deck from graying, apply an oil-based stain with built-in UV protectant and mildew resistance. We recommend you restain your POC every 2 – 3 years for continuous protection from the elements.

This cedar is also easy to maintain. It will provide ease of use for both power and hand tools. It paints, stains, and glues better than other woods, making it perfect for almost any project! This allows you the flexibility to customize the wood in various ways and show off your style.

To keep your Port Orford Cedar deck’s color from graying and to maximize its life, use an oil-based stain with built-in UV protectant and mildew resistance, and restain the surface every couple of years.

4. Port Orford Cedar can last 25+ years!

The combination of the benefits listed above means that in comparing Port Orford Cedar with other decking options, it can not only last longer than any other wood decking on the market, it can almost outlast composite! Even composite decks need replacing every 25 – 30 years because of the pressure-treated wood framing used underneath. When you look at how long you plan to occupy your home and how to get the best bang for your buck, Port Orford Cedar might just be your best long-term option!

Choose the right lumber for your Pacific Northwest deck

We are no strangers to excessive rain here in the Pacific Northwest. That’s why selecting the suitable material for your deck project is essential — harsh weather conditions will directly impact its longevity. Choose a wood that will not warp or rot to keep your deck in pristine condition.

Port Orford Cedar has outstanding moisture resistance, making it a fantastic choice for a PNW home. It has high durability against rot, ensuring that it will be with you for years. POC tends to dry quickly, leaving no damage or problems behind.

Ready to install a Port Orford Cedar deck in your home?

Overall, this durable wood will provide your deck with stunning aesthetics and second-to-none features that will ensure its longevity for years. Contact Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking for a free estimate and learn why we’ve been trusted throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years!

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