What Kind Of Driveway Gate Do I Need?

What good is a perimeter fence if strangers can drive right up to your home?

Adding a gate to your home’s border is the best way to keep out unexpected guests; anyone from would-be thieves to nosy neighbors. But there are lots of details to consider before ordering your new gate. Most important is the decision between a sliding and a swinging gate.

The entryway to your property will dictate the kind of gate you need. Sliding gates require less room to use, since they just slide along your already-existing fence line. As long as the ground along your fence is level and there are no obstructions, installation is fairly straightforward.

Single swing driveway gate

A swing gate is usually less expensive and lower maintenance, but you’ll need to look at deciding factors like:

  • Little or no incline on your driveway

  • Clearance for your car to park while you wait for the gate to open (on both sides of the gate)

  • Manual and mechanical options for ease of use

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