What is the Best Pasture Rail Fencing?

Pasture rail fencing is an attractive and convenient way to confine animals, divide property, or add an aesthetic accent. Two of our most popular fences are currently pasture rail fencing and pipe rail fencing. Learn why these two styles are so versatile!

What is pasture rail fencing?

Also known by names such as horse fence and cattle fence, pasture rail fencing is a popular style for both its practical applications and modern look. It’s almost a necessity for rural properties and this style works great for urban and suburban yards too! Learn more about this utilitarian fence style!

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How can you use pasture rail fencing on your property?

Pasture rail fencing has long been used on ranches and farms to secure livestock. Homeowners are increasingly loving this style for corralling pets (and kids!), however. This fence style is also a nice way to draw attention to a garden, water feature, or seating area. Due to their lower height, pasture rail fences also work in front yards when city ordinances prohibit fence height. Durable and affordable, pasture rail fences can be used for many applications. One important thing to note: if you’re looking to create privacy with a fence, then consider a different style! Pasture rail fences aren’t the best option to shield your yard from nosy neighbors.

About vinyl pasture rail fencing

Vinyl pasture fences have been a popular product at Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking for a long time. It’s not hard to see why! With its modern, streamlined look, vinyl pasture rail fencing is known for its functional capabilities, too. For large properties, this vinyl fencing establishes boundaries in a nostalgic way. Think white pasture rail fences on rolling hills! On small properties, it’s great for delineating areas of visual interest while emphasizing your home’s beautiful features. Even better? Our vinyl pasture fence will last for decades thanks to the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

About pipe rail fencing

Pipe rail fencing is also a great option for barriers or enclosing livestock. Pipe rail fencing uses pressure-treated posts and powder-coated steel rails for the ultimate in durability and affordability. This long-lasting style is also elegant and modern. (We love mixing wood and metal!) It’s a great way to get the strength of a traditional pasture fence with the simple design of a black rail fence. For extra customization, the rails are available in black, green, and brown powder-coated finishes. This fence is so durable due to the pressure-treated 5×5 posts and the steel coating. For a strong fence with no maintenance, look to Rick’s pipe rail fencing!

What if I want to keep smaller animals in or add electrical for extra livestock security?

We can do that! Pasture rail and pipe rail are both surprisingly easy to add additional safety and security for your furry friends. When it comes to electrical, a simple system already exists to provide a hook for your electrical on the inside of your rails, whether you want to do just the top, or all rails.

As far as keeping your smaller animals in we’ve seen many solutions here, but a light gauge chicken wire attached on the inside using these same hooks, or additional attachments between posts, can provide a secure area for small animals with an almost transparent look from a distance. Be sure to keep the bottom close to the ground, or consider digging a small trench and burying the bottom if your pets are prone to digging to escape.

Ready to install a pasture rail fence?

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