Image for Life Is Made In The Shade

Life Is Made In The Shade

Summer is in full swing! You could escape the heat by heading to your favorite Columbia River swimming hole, or you could have the ultimate climate control and convenience in your own backyard! Duralum Weatherwood™patio cover systems offer prime summertime comfort. Bask in the shade of your own easy-to-maintain backyard awning. These carefully crafted covers are…
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Caring For Your Cedar The Right Way

Cedar is a tenacious, dense wood with unique properties. Its hearty wood grain makes it ideal for outdoor use in the rainy Northwest. Cedar naturally resists rot and deterioration from water, unlike many other types of wood. This makes cedar an obvious choice for decks and fencing. Yet all wood can become vulnerable when…
Image for Acrylite: The All-Weather Patio Solution

Acrylite: The All-Weather Patio Solution

We have our fair share of rainy weather in Oregon and Washington. A lack of vitamin D is a legitimate concern when the gloomy season sets in. Don’t let stormy weather prevent you from much needed fresh air. Take advantage of the day as much as possible with an ACRYLITEⓇ Patio System. These acrylic deck…
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Armadillo Decking

Did you know that the six-banded armadillo, native animal of South America, has a lifespan of 18.8 years in captivity? That’s a long life for most animals! This longevity is due to their hard shell that protects them from predators. Armadillo decking holds true to its name by being permanently fused to a composite core. The unique composition of…
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Safe Acrylite Patio Covers

Imagine sitting outside under your acrylite patio cover on a warm summer day drinking a tall glass of lemonade and smelling the freshly cut lawn. Rick’s Fencing acrylite patio coversreduce heat buildup, are eco-friendly, and are also long lasting and maintenance free. Even on overcast days, our acrylite patio covers diffuse light which creates an attractive high-gloss sheen.