Caring For Your Cedar The Right Way


Caring For Your Cedar The Right Way

Caring For Your Cedar The Right Way

Posted by on May 28, 2019

Cedar is a tenacious, dense wood with unique properties. Its hearty wood grain makes it ideal for outdoor use in the rainy Northwest. Cedar naturally resists rot and deterioration from water, unlike many other types of wood. This makes cedar an obvious choice for decks and fencing.

Yet all wood can become vulnerable when left in the elements without proper protection. Here are some of the best ways you can care for your cedar deck, pergola, or fence:

  • Coat with a UV protectant and mildew resistant stain (available from Rick’s Fencing)
  • Clean annually to remove mildew and dirt
  • Clean on a sunny day to allow for immediate drying
  • Avoid causing damage with a pressure washer
  • Move flower pots and deck furniture occasionally to prevent discoloration

Transform your backyard with cedar today! Call for a free estimate with Rick’s Fencing.

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