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EcoStone Fencing 101: The Essential Guide

Appearance, quality, lifespan and upkeep are all important details to keep in mind when you’re installing fencing. We want you to make an informed decision when choosing your fence material. Here’s the rundown on what makes EcoStone fencing so great: Elegant And Easy Enjoy the look of stone without the maintenance of a real rock fence.
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How To Improve Your Fencing In One Day

Is your fence an eye-sore? Does it suffer from rotting, warping and deterioration? This is common as fences age, especially if they’re made of standard wood materials. If the neighbors are starting to complain about the perimeter of your property, take action and beautify the fence line! If you’re starting a fence project for the first…
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Best Practices For Installing A Residential Gate

A driveway gate makes a stunning and secure first impression to visitors arriving at your address. But choosing a residential gate takes careful planning and consideration. Homeowners aren’t always experienced with the practical details of landscape design and gate installation. At Rick’s Fencing, we’re here to help you avoid extra stress and wasted money. Here…
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Safe Acrylite Patio Covers

Imagine sitting outside under your acrylite patio cover on a warm summer day drinking a tall glass of lemonade and smelling the freshly cut lawn. Rick’s Fencing acrylite patio coversreduce heat buildup, are eco-friendly, and are also long lasting and maintenance free. Even on overcast days, our acrylite patio covers diffuse light which creates an attractive high-gloss sheen.
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Your Outdoor Living Space

No matter the season, people in the Pacific Northwest love getting outside. Skiing in the winter, boating in the summer, or finding a new hiking trail, there’s a strong connection to the outdoors, even if it’s just hanging out in the backyard. “People enjoy being outside,” Ty Overby, corporate sales manager at Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking, said. “Using the…