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Going Modern With Cable Railing

Some customers love the rustic, traditional look of wood fencing. But other customers seek a more modern, almost “industrial” aesthetic. For those interested in contemporary outdoor styling, we recommend cable railing systems. You may have seen these stylish railings on the more modernist homes of Portland. And for good reason! Cable rail systems come with several…
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4 Popular Benefits Of An Aluminum Railing

In Washington State, if you have a deck over 36 inches off the ground, you’re required to have a railing. In Oregon, anything over 30 inches above ground will need a rail system. When picking materials for your outdoor stairs and decks, Bridgeport aluminum railings are a top choice. Here are 4 popular benefits of aluminum railings:…
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Picking A Bold & Beautiful Rail System

When it comes to your deck, safety isn’t just a priority…it’s mandatory! Railing systems on elevated decks prevent kiddos and guests from injury and falls. But just because railings are functional (and required!), doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. Rick’s Fencing offers several stunning options that can transform the perimeter of your decks and stairways. Make…
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Your Planning Guide For Building A New Deck

Is it your first time building a deck? The process can be overwhelming to a newbie. We want to share some professional advice to help you plan for your new outdoor living space! DIY Or Contractor Who will handle the labor? DIY is a popular choice for homeowners looking to minimize expenses, but it can come…
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Aluminum Handrails

Is your front or back porch in need of handrails? Are you tired of noticing the paint peeling off of your wooden handrails? Instead, consider aluminum handrails. Our aluminum handrails come in four different types or series and in seven different colorways. The handrails have EXCELLENT weatherability and durability and will last all year round. Aluminum handrails are a perfect…