4 Popular Benefits Of An Aluminum Railing

In Washington State, if you have a deck over 36 inches off the ground, you’re required to have a railing. In Oregon, anything over 30 inches above ground will need a rail system. When picking materials for your outdoor stairs and decks, Bridgeport aluminum railings are a top choice. Here are 4 popular benefits of aluminum railings:

  1. Aluminum is a lightweight material, making installation incredibly easy. Whether you DIY or hire a fencing contractor, aluminum is a great choice to get your railing installed quickly and conveniently. 
  2. Powder coating in bronze or black gives an elegant look with unmatched performance. Unlike wood railings, which require ongoing maintenance, powder-coated aluminum is protected from chipping and peeling. 
  3. The primary purpose of a rail system is safety, making aluminum a superior option. Metal just can’t be beat when it comes to solid construction. Even if the kiddos like to hang on the rail, this sturdy material won’t give.
  4. Aluminum is non-ferrous, meaning it won’t decay with time. Your railing will resist corrosion, rust and deterioration. That means a beautiful appearance and unrivaled longevity.
Aluminum Picket Handrail

Bridgeport aluminum railings are safe, sturdy, affordable and quick to install. Let Rick’s Fencing handle the planning and assembly—call today!


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