Rick's Community Support Drive Volunteers assemble kits for more than 80 Portland at-risk families

Over the past year, Rick’s has donated nearly $100,000 to charitable organizations and those in need, along with fencing and decking materials, hundreds of toys as part of their Annual Rick’s Toy Drive, and has provided kits of essential items to over 100 families in the Portland area.

On Sunday, May 16th, volunteers from Rick’s gathered for a now annual event as part of the ongoing Rick’s Community Support Drive. With items generously donated by their employees, the volunteers were able to add 86 bags filled to the brim with essential items to the 50 plus they had provided the year before. These kits deliver home goods, cleaning products, hygiene essentials, and much more to the families supported by Impact NW and their charitable work in the community.

Volunteers Assemble 86 bags for families.
Our Volunteers assemble kits for families in need.
Impact NW Volunteer Day 1
Essential Items that we take for granted every day.

“For almost a year now, the Rick’s Community Support Drive has partnered with Impact NW in their mission of preventing homelessness for those most vulnerable in the Portland area. It’s our honor to help provide the items and resources to support this mission,” says Taylor Pawley, organizer of the Drive and long time Rick’s Fencing and Decking employee. “Rick’s has a long history of supporting community projects and local efforts, it’s something that we as employees take so much pride in being able to be a part of!”

Impact NW serves about 20,000 people a year by partnering with people on their journey to stability and opportunity. The items provided in these kits, many of which we take for granted as being staples of our homes, add stability to the lives of people in extreme need right now.

The efforts this last weekend for Impact NW, add to a long list of work and donations that Rick’s has done over the past year. Through partnerships with organizations like Portland Rescue Mission, Maurice Lucas Foundation, Rebuilding Mid-Columbia, Make-A-Wish Oregon and more, Rick’s has been able to donate almost $100,000 and provide hundreds of combined volunteer hours.

“It’s so great to know that we’re helping our communities in tangible and meaningful ways. And Rick’s employees keep stepping up to donate time and items to make these efforts as impactful as possible,” said Taylor Pawley.


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