How To Care For And Maintain Your Masonry Block Wall Fence

Masonry Block Wall Maintenance

Opting for a Masonry Block Wall ensures a stunning, low-maintenance solution for fencing. With a life expectancy of 100 years you can rest assured that you won’t need to replace your fence again.

We recommend following the National Concrete Masonry Association’s methods of cleaning your block wall. For most instances:

  • Remove clay and dirt with a dry brush
  • Fill a bucket with water and a small amount of detergent
  • Using a stiff fiber brush or nylon brush, scrub your masonry block wall
  • Rinse with water

For more specific instances of stains like graffiti, moss, or mildew visit the manufacturer’s comprehensive guide.

Masonry Block Wall Fence Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions About Masonry Block Walls

    • How long do block walls last?

      When properly installed, block walls can last for decades with a life expectancy of 100 years or more.

    • What are Masonry Block Walls made of?

      Block walls are typically made of concrete blocks, which are composed of aggregates (such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone), cement, and other additives for strength and durability.

    • How do I maintain my Masonry Block Wall?

      Maintenance for masonry block walls involves regular cleaning to remove dirt and stains, inspections for damage like cracks or crumbling mortar, and addressing issues such as efflorescence or drainage as needed, typically on an annual basis or as required by environmental conditions.

    • Are Masonry Block Walls available at all Rick’s locations?

      No. Masonry Block Walls are only available at our Kennewick, WA location.

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