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Going Modern With Cable Railing

Some customers love the rustic, traditional look of wood fencing. But other customers seek a more modern, almost “industrial” aesthetic. For those interested in contemporary outdoor styling, we recommend cable railing systems. You may have seen these stylish railings on the more modernist homes of Portland. And for good reason! Cable rail systems come with several…
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Life Is Made In The Shade

Summer is in full swing! You could escape the heat by heading to your favorite Columbia River swimming hole, or you could have the ultimate climate control and convenience in your own backyard! Duralum Weatherwood™patio cover systems offer prime summertime comfort. Bask in the shade of your own easy-to-maintain backyard awning. These carefully crafted covers are…
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All You Need To Know About Pergolas

Your yard has a personality, so let it shine! Our pergolas are custom tailored to suit our customers’ preferences. Each structure is built to allow ever-changing patterns of light and shade without restricting the free flow of a welcomed breeze. Our pergolas have the comparative advantage of being able to perform year-round. Being that Rick’s offers versatile Acrylic…
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Port Orford Cedar Decking - Your Source for Beautiful, Durable, Wood

Your back porch is the place where all of your summer memories are made. It is important that you consider the amazing Port Orford Cedar when choosing your desired wood. Being received from right off the coast of the Southern Oregon Coastal town of Port Orford, this spectacular decking installation has legendary durability, exceptional strength, and superior manufacturing.
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Create The Backyard You’ve Always Dreamed Of...With Duralum Patio Covers

Choose Duralum products for patio covers that will last a lifetime! Here at Rick’s Fencing, we have 4 distinctive styles and 8 natural colors from California’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of quality aluminum patio covers and enclosures. Duralum products have transferable lifetime full warranty and a twenty-year limited warranty. Duralum has an extensive line of Weatherwood™ products, good…
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Why We Love Cedar Fencing (And You Should, Too!)

Have you recently thought about purchasing a new fence? Consider our cedar fencing metal frame gates with lock-latch that are easy to install, have a solid composition, and are expandable up to 14 Ft. Rick’s fencing stain has a superior natural wood finish that is designed with Linseed Oil that protects the wood’s beauty. The finish provides excellent penetration, maximum…
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Why Is Everybody Talking About Chain Link Fencing?

Looking for a practical option for protecting your interests? Chain link fencing is the option for you. This particular fencing allows unmatched durability, therefore, its corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and long-lasting components make it the most cost effective and versatile fencing option. Commercial chain link fencing is secure and versatile. The ideal use is for security in high-security areas and…
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Armadillo Decking

Did you know that the six-banded armadillo, native animal of South America, has a lifespan of 18.8 years in captivity? That’s a long life for most animals! This longevity is due to their hard shell that protects them from predators. Armadillo decking holds true to its name by being permanently fused to a composite core. The unique composition of…
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Aluminum Handrails

Is your front or back porch in need of handrails? Are you tired of noticing the paint peeling off of your wooden handrails? Instead, consider aluminum handrails. Our aluminum handrails come in four different types or series and in seven different colorways. The handrails have EXCELLENT weatherability and durability and will last all year round. Aluminum handrails are a perfect…
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Safe Acrylite Patio Covers

Imagine sitting outside under your acrylite patio cover on a warm summer day drinking a tall glass of lemonade and smelling the freshly cut lawn. Rick’s Fencing acrylite patio coversreduce heat buildup, are eco-friendly, and are also long lasting and maintenance free. Even on overcast days, our acrylite patio covers diffuse light which creates an attractive high-gloss sheen.