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Allegheny Similated Fencing

Allegheny Similated Fencing

Your home is your castle. What better way to present this than with Allegheny Similated stone fence? Now you can have all the durability of real stone with the smoothness and easy maintenance of vinyl fence material. The appealing design of this faux stone fencing has all the look of an authentic rock-cut wall.

Designed to emulate the rough-hewn look and texture of granite, a simulated stone fence can make for a rugged addition to your home.

Even real rock can chip and crack over the years. But with EcoStone fencing, you can have a sturdy-looking boundary that lasts. An Allegheny Similated Rock Fencing made from vinyl material boasts many advantages over real rock that you have to see to believe.

Color options in gray and brown granite make for a convincing stone appearance for any home. Install your simulated stone fence and enjoy the benefits today, tomorrow, and beyond!

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