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How Vinyl Fencing Reacts to Weather

August 15th, 2011

Lattice Top Vinyl Fence MaterialsFrom design to price, there’s plenty to keep in mind when you’re planning a fence installation. Salem residents may be attracted to vinyl fencing because it is one of several available low-maintenance fence materials. Salem, furthermore, is a nationwide manufacturing center for vinyl fencing, so environmentally minded consumers in the Portland and Salem area may choose this fence material for its lower transportation carbon footprint.

However, vinyl’s tendency to shift with temperature is a key characteristic that few homeowners consider when designing a new vinyl fence installation. Salem and nearby towns may not see such extreme changes in temperature as other parts of the country, but even the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest can warp or weaken vinyl fencing, depending on when the fence is installed. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips on Where to Find Inspiration for Your Salem Fence Design

August 2nd, 2011

Salem homeowners: Are you wondering what kind of fence to build? Well, you do have a plethora of options for fence materials and styles. In fact, you may feel you have too many choices. Fortunately, there are some stress-free ways to gather inspiration for your new Salem fence:

1. Scout out the neighborhood.

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Incorporating Scale & Proportion into your Fence Design

July 28th, 2011

Any professional fence designer will use plenty of tricks to create a visually pleasing fence installation. Vancouver, Portland and Tri-Cities homeowners can usually tell when a fence doesn’t look good, but they may not be able to say exactly why it’s unattractive. This post covers two design elements, scale and proportion that, if well-employed, can make your cedar fence materials a treat for the eyes.

The Importance of Scale

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Veggies and other Edibles to Grow on a Chain Link Fence

July 21st, 2011

What do you see when you look at a chain link fence, Portland residents? Just a pile of intertwining fence materials Portland homeowners use to keep out others? Or a good place to grow climbing vegetables?

We see both. That chain link fence can provide the support your plants need to grow. Below are four vegetables and fruits you can grow on your chain link fencing – one of the most utilitarian types of fence materials. Read the rest of this entry »

Cleaning Tips for Vinyl Fencing

June 23rd, 2011

clean vinyl fenceMany homeowners install vinyl fencing because of its virtually maintenance-free qualities, but maintenance-free does not necessarily mean dirt-free. With any vinyl fence installation, Salem homeowners may find that the elements can take their toll, as can scuff marks, paint, garden tools, children and oils. While the market offers several specialized products for cleaning vinyl fencing materials, Salem residents can often clean their vinyl fencing with items found in their own pantries or cleaning supplies.

General Cleaning

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Important Fence Terms to Know

June 20th, 2011

Whether you’re installing cedar fence materials yourself or hiring a fencing contractor to do the work, it helps to be conversant in some basic fence installation terminology. Knowing what the different parts of a fence are called will make it easier to ask questions of your contractor or understand your fence installation instructions. Before embarking upon a fence installation, Salem homeowners should brush up on the following terms:

Corner post: A post at the corner where two sections of fencing meet, usually at a 90-degree angle.

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How to Measure Your Yard for a Vinyl Fence

May 25th, 2011

Calculate Vinyl Fence MaterialsVinyl fencing is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the Pacific Northwest, in part because doesn’t require much maintenance and in part because it’s easier to install than many other fence materials. Salem is quickly becoming a hub for vinyl fence production, and many Northwest homeowners appreciate the ease with which vinyl fence panels can be assembled.

One of the most important elements of a do-it-yourself vinyl fence project is the measuring stage. If you goof up on your measurements, you will end up with a flawed or uneven fence. Correcting such mistakes later involves digging up sections of your fence and requires more time and more work. However, you can avoid such situations by taking accurate measurements and making careful calculations before ordering your fence materials. Salem homeowners should keep the following tips in mind when measuring a yard for vinyl fencing. Read the rest of this entry »

Considerations When Choosing Northwest Vinyl Fencing

May 23rd, 2011

Semi-Private Vinyl FencingInstalling a fence is one of the most significant changes most homeowners will make to their yards. Choosing the right material, therefore, is essential. When choosing fence materials, Salem and Portland homeowners often come down to an agonized decision between wood or vinyl, the two most popular choices currently on the market.

Vinyl fencing has typically been considered the new kid on the block, although it’s become increasingly widespread over the past few years. While many Northwest homeowners may balk at the thought of a fence made of plastic, vinyl offers a number of benefits over wood that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The following are several considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to install a vinyl fence. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Ways to Secure Your Yard from Intruders

April 22nd, 2011

Ornamental GateEven if you live in the safest neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest, making sure your property is protected can still be a big concern. Many homeowners rack their brains trying to figure out the best way to keep intruders out and children and pets in.

Multiple locks? What a pain. Bars on the windows? Tacky. Home security systems? Too expensive. The best way to prevent intruders from getting to your house is to stop them at the yard. The following are four ways to keep intruders out of your yard – and, by proxy, your home. Read the rest of this entry »

Three Common Fence Repairs and How to Do Them

September 18th, 2010

wood fence repairA well-maintained fence is important for privacy and protection as well as for keeping your home looking its best. Whatever type of wood fence you have, periodic attention is needed to ensure it stays in the best condition possible.  When performing any repair to your wood fence, always make sure to use quality fencing materials to help to prolong the time between necessary repairs.

Here are tips for some of the most common wood fence repairs:

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