Good Neighbor

Looking to enhance your friendly neighborhood? A good neighbor fence can be just the thing to create a strong foundation of friendship and good will. Good neighbor fencing gets its name from the collaborative effort required to build this beautiful wood fence. A good neighbor fence asks next door neighbors to work together so both can benefit from this attractive fence style.

Whether you’re looking to build camaraderie with an old friend or establish ties with new neighbors, good neighbor fencing can be the perfect way to start on the right foot. Let Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking help you design good neighbor fences that lead everyone to a happy neighborhood.

Reach Out to Your Neighbor and Build a Fence You Can Both Appreciate

Good neighbor fences are designed with half-inch overlapping cedar fence boards. These alternating fence boards create a slatted look, providing security while making the yard seem more spacious. Homeowners who use good neighbor fences find their relationship to each other reinforced by their well-chosen fence designs.

Even if you’re on good terms with your neighbor, installing a fence can create a stifling barrier between what could be a lasting friendship. This is not the case with a good neighbor fence. Good neighbor fencing promotes good intentions and trust.

Create a Lasting Boundary Using the Finest Fencing Materials in the Pacific Northwest

Port Orford cedar fence materials can create a good neighbor fence that’s as solid as your neighborly bonds. Good neighbor fencing is immensely popular in Salem for this reason, as its resistance to weather lets these fences stand up to high winds.

Wind passes easily through the alternating boards and provides plenty of oxygen for backyard gardens. Good neighbor fences are great because they can promote friendship while enhancing your yard’s appearance.

Open Up Your Yard with a Good Neighbor Fence

Due to the alternating fence boards, good neighbor fencing offers privacy and security. When seen head-on, good neighbor fencing seems as opaque as a solid style fence. However, when viewed from the side, a good neighbor fence offers enough visibility to keep your yard private. This allows your yard to seem open and relaxed rather than closed and claustrophobic.

Inspire Creative Charm and Enjoy the Results of Your Camaraderie

You won’t be the only one who benefits from good neighbor fencing. Good neighbor fences look the same from both sides; this makes them ideal to be worked on together rather than as a one-sided project. You and your neighbor can let your creativity flow, as cedar provides you with plenty of opportunities to make a unique wood fence you’ll both love.

Attach a finishing rail to tie the appearance of the good neighbor fence together. Then choose caps or customize your own to create a finished, professional look.

Please contact us and request a quote if you and a neighbor are eager to create a good neighbor fence together. We’ll help you get just the fence you need.

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