4 Ways To Add Curb Appeal This Selling Season


4 Ways To Add Curb Appeal This Selling Season

4 Ways To Add Curb Appeal This Selling Season

Posted by on June 14, 2019

Home buying season is here and the “for sale” signs are popping up all over the Portland area. What are you doing to enhance the face of your home for potential buyers?

Improve Your Landscaping

Mow the lawn, clean up hedges, trim back trees and pull weeds for a budget-friendly way to make a good first impression.

Add Some Color

Invest in some colorful foliage and a fresh coat of paint to quickly brighten up the view from the street.

Focus On Walkways And Driveways

The busiest paths to and from your home get a lot of wear and tear, causing damage and cracking. Moss and mildew are common in the Northwest, thanks to the rain. Spruce things up with a pressure washer or consider durable and long lasting CoverStone. Contact Rick’s Fencing to discuss a beautiful blend of natural stone and epoxy that’s sure to catch the home buyer’s eye.

Add Outdoor Living Possibilities

Transform your outdoor space into an inviting area to entertain. Patio parties and summertime soirees will fill the imagination of the home buyer when they see a native, Pacific Northwest Port Orford Cedar deck and cover. Choose the size and style that’s best for your home and budget by calling Rick’s Fencing today!

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