Wood Patio Covers

Wood Patio Covers Offer Outdoor Function and Beauty

Wood patio covers add timeless style to outdoor spaces, and their solid ceiling allows for cool, free-flowing breezes while shielding people, pets, and plants from rain, direct sun, and other elements.

Wood is a popular choice for patio covers, as it's affordable, functional, and can be customized in unlimited ways. Wood covers can be built to look like they are a part of your homes original construction. Most commonly wood patio covers are roofed to match the roofing of your existing home.  

Wood Patio Covers Are Ideal For Custom Pieces

Wood is a great material for custom designed patios, as it can be easily cut for adjustments made by you or a professional installer, it can be constructed to allow as much light in as you choose, and colors or shades via painting or staining.

At Rick's Fencing, our professional installers can construct the wood patio cover of your dreams. Our wood framed covers with decorative designs of your choosing, help you incorporate wood benches, planters, and other patio accessories to boot.

Rick's Wood Patio Covers Can Add Value To Your Home

A wooden patio cover not only provides beauty and shelter for outdoor gatherings, it can add value to your home. Our wood patio covers are constructed from the finest wood and quality materials. We use durable roofing materials like asphalt and wood shingles.

For more information on our wood patio covers, including our patio cover kits, call us or come in and visit one of our 5 store locations in Hillsboro Oregon, Gresham Oregon, Vancouver Washington, Salem Oregon, and The Tri-Cities in Kennewick, Washington. In addition to patio covers, we offer custom decks, fences, gates, and more—all at the lowest prices available!

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