Vinyl Picket Fence

A vinyl picket fence may not be the most impressive style of vinyl fencing you can get at Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking, but it has a style that’s all its own. Nothing offers you the ability to place subtle decorative accents around your home quite like a vinyl picket fence.

A vinyl picket fence combines the classic look of picket fencing with the durability of vinyl to give you an amazing aesthetic addition to your Pacific Northwestern home. As enduring as it is timeless, the picket fence provides your home with traditional appeal and style, giving you your own slice of Americana wherever you may be.

Decorate Your Yard with the Appealing Look of Vinyl Picket Fencing

Of all the fence designs available to you, vinyl picket fencing offers a lot of style with far fewer materials. Less is more when it comes to vinyl picket fencing, both in design and in construction. Using 3.5” vinyl picket fence posts, you can create an inviting yard enclosure, making your yard seem more open and visible.

Vinyl picket fencing can also be used to create astonishing accents. Perfect for small gardens or stylish entryways, you can use the minimalist appeal of these pickets to show off your yard. Choose from traditional or scallop pickets to your satisfaction.

Build a Fence You Can Enjoy—Vinyl Picket Fencing is a Long-Lasting Choice for Pacific Northwestern Homeowners

Your white vinyl picket fence may look dainty, but it’s made from vinyl fence materials, which are built to last. Vinyl comes fully prepared to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at it, including sun, wind, rain, and extreme heat and cold. And because vinyl won’t rot or decompose after a soggy season of rain, you won’t have to get your hands dirty repairing it. A simple spray-down with the garden hose is all you need to enjoy your fence year-round.

Whether you choose vinyl picket fences for their cosmetic appeal or simply as a deterrent against dogs who like to dig in your garden, this can be the fence you’ve dreamed of. If you’ve wanted a fence that looks great with minimal effort, a vinyl picket fence is your solution.

Request a quote and install the white vinyl picket fencing your home needs for a classic, timeless look. While other, bigger fences can ensure the privacy of your home, vinyl picket fencing can accomplish the same goal with humble, elegant grace.

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