Deck Stairs and Landings

Deck stairs and landings are essential deck accessories for your elevated decks or patios. Whether used for added convenience or to enhance your home’s appearance, deck stairs and landings can be completely customized to your needs.

Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking can help you achieve your ideal outdoor living space. Our expert craftsmen can construct you a reliable set of deck stairs and landings for all kinds of occasions. For both simple accessibility and for livable outdoor spaces that are unique to your home, we can build you the right kinds of structures for your complete use and enjoyment.

Add Accessibility and Convenience with Deck Stairs and Landings

In the Pacific Northwest, your cedar decking is an ideal place for social gatherings. The year-round mild climate allows you to host pleasant outdoor parties and events. If you’re looking to enhance the way you entertain your guests, deck stairs and landings are just the thing.

A two-tiered deck separated by deck stairs can add variety and make your outdoor party the talk of the town. Deck steps and landings allow your guests to mingle and spread out to their comfort and privacy.

Deck stairs and landings can also add variety to your outdoor living space. Construct landings overlooking points of interest such as streams or fields and access them easily with deck stairs. Using deck steps and landings to open up your environment can spark conversation, giving your guests something to chat about at every opportunity.

Deck steps are also effective for enhancing accessibility. When combined with cedar or aluminum deck railing, your deck lets your elderly guests traverse your home easily. Deck steps ensure that your home will be well-equipped to entertain guests for years and years to come.

Our Deck Stair Designs Work with Any Type of Deck

One size of staircase does not fit all. From long, majestic staircases leading up to an entryway to short, practical deck steps used to bridge a small gap, your home has need of its own landing and deck stair designs. Landings can help break up long stretches of deck steps or create living spaces to rest and relax in. Stairs help you reach these spaces and can be as wide or narrow as you desire.

No matter what deck materials your deck is made of, deck steps and landings are a necessary addition to your home. From PVC and hardwood to CoverStone and Port Orford cedar, you can get deck steps and landings for any type of deck. Request a quote today!

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