Split Rail Fence

A split rail fence can add plenty of pastoral charm to your country home. When used to reinforce the security of your livestock or to cover large properties, split rail fencing is an ideal choice for any homeowner in the Pacific Northwest.

If you need a wood fence that works hard and looks great, you’ll love a split rail fence. Our split rail fences are sturdy and economical and offer you a lifetime of use. Let Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking help you get the security you need for your home or ranch with cedar split rail fencing.

Evoke the Classic Look of the Old West with Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing remains in use to this day due in large part to its functionality and country appeal. Popularized in the pioneering days, the split rail fence remains a solid choice for ranching or for creating minimalist boundaries.

We construct our cedar split rail fencing from 10 foot split rail Port Orford cedar to create a natural-looking boundary for your home. Split rail fences may look simple, but they have many advantages over other more common fence designs.

Cedar Split Rail Fencing is Ideal for the Budget-Conscious Homeowner

Buying enough fencing to cover your land can become costly. That’s why split rail fencing may be the fence for you. Split rail fences may lack privacy, but they more than make up for it in affordability.

We keep our split rail fence price low so you can cover large areas of land for great value, offering the ultimate economical advantage when establishing your property.

While a cedar split rail fence can show off your more frugal side, it adds a different aesthetic appeal that stands apart from other fences. A solid style cedar fence may offer similar functionality, but a split rail fence gives your home a sense of unmatched country style.

Choose the Low-Maintenance Fencing Option and Save Time on Upkeep

Split rail fencing is a low-maintenance fence. You won’t need to spend a lot of time repairing the rails of a split rail fence. Due to its simplistic design, the small surface area of a split rail fence allows you to make quick repairs, leaving you free to enjoy the rest of the day.

Cedar is a strong wood that naturally resists rot and decay, so you can be sure your cedar split rail fence will accomplish whatever function you require of it. And a cedar split rail fence is not only durable but also beautiful. The natural golden hue of the grain is a perfect fit for any home.

Rick’s Offers the Best Deals Around on Split Rail Fences

We at Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking want to provide you with the best split rail fence price around. Our split rail fences will bring long-lasting country appeal to your home or ranch. Simply request a quote to build your cedar split rail fence today.

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