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When you think of a wood fence, a cedar fence is likely what comes to mind. Both sturdy and simplistic, cedar fencing enjoys frequent use all over the world. Highly regarded for its strength and flexibility, you can’t go wrong with a solid cedar fence for your home.

If you’re looking to create a solid cedar fence boundary for your home that looks great, let Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking help. Our cedar fences are made of the highest quality Port Orford cedar and are built for your long-lasting enjoyment.

Cedar Fences Offer Functionality and Simplistic Appeal

The solid style cedar fence is one of the most functional cedar fence styles. This type of cedar fencing features cedar fence boards mounted side-by-side with small gaps between them. This allows the cedar fence to expand and contract with the weather. If you’re looking for a capable boundary to keep children, pets, or belongings safe, cedar fences are a great choice.

A cedar wood fence can complement your cedar decking for added functionality and style. A deck surrounded by any of the cedar fence styles creates an appealing look that can make your home the standout sight of the neighborhood.

Cedar fencing can also increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. If you’re in the market to sell your house, a new cedar fence can attract the eyes of even the most frugal buyers.

Choose Cedar Fencing and Get a Fence That’s Built to Last

Although the weather of the Pacific Northwest is normally mild, it can subject your home to periods of extreme heat and cold. If you’re worried about the weather’s effects on your cedar wood fence, worry no more.

Cedar is a light yet surprisingly durable wood. When used as fence materials, you get a durable cedar wood fence. Cedar fencing excels in high-moisture conditions and requires only minimal upkeep. This allows you to spend less time repairing your fence and more time enjoying the safety your cedar fence provides.

Some other reasons why cedar fencing is used worldwide for its lasting quality:

  • Resistance to rot and disease
  • UV ray resistance

Cedar fencing is as strong as it is beautiful. The warm, golden tones and smooth grain of the wood allow your cedar fence designs to look good and hold up well, providing you with a boundary that will last for years.

Add Decorative Finishing to Make Your Home Stand Out

Few fence designs are as universally appealing as cedar fences. While solid style cedar fences can complete the look of your home, you can add finishing cedar fence designs to enjoy a new level of enjoyment.

Enhance your home’s appearance with cedar fence designs that stand out. Dog-eared cedar fence posts create a uniform look while gothic tops add a stately appearance to your home. Cedar fence caps can contribute to the smoothness of solid style cedar fencing for an appealing, decorative finish.

Get Our Guarantee of Quality when You Choose a Cedar Fence from Rick’s Fencing

Here at Rick’s Fencing, we believe a cedar fence is all of these things and more. When you choose one of our cedar fences, you are getting an investment worth many times over. Request a quote today to see what kind of cedar fencing we can build for you.

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