Picket Fences

Picket fences have a timeless appeal. Picket fences bring to mind the classic ideals that come with owning a home. What better way to instill these feelings of safety and responsibility than with a cedar picket fence?

Picket fencing can be the perfect wood fence to complement your home. If you’re looking to add minimalistic style and appeal to your humble home, a picket fence can be just what you need.

Get the Iconic Look You’ve Always Dreamed with Picket Fencing

Picket fences prove you don’t have to think big to feel at home. The basic look of picket fencing has been around for decades, which is a good indication of its enduring appeal. The picket fence offers a traditional look for your home that is both affordable and bold.

Our cedar picket fencing ensures lasting quality. Cedar is rot and insect resistant; when combined with the smaller overall size of picket fencing, you have a fence that is manageable and easy to maintain.

Create a Versatile Picket Fence for Any Part of the Yard

Few fence designs are more iconic than the picket fence. But you don’t need to restrict your picket fence to only the front yard. Picket fences can fit a number of versatile locations around your home.

Cedar picket fences are perfect for stretching your creative muscles. A custom picket fence can evoke different moods depending on where you install it.

You can set cedar picket fencing around your rose garden to deter small intruders without obstructing its pleasant view. And when installed as a surrounding boundary, picket fences protect the sanctity of your home while giving your yard a cohesive appearance.

Customize Your Picket Fence to Your Liking

If you’re looking to enhance the traditional appearance of a picket fence, you’re in luck. Cedar picket fencing lets you customize your picket fencing to your satisfaction. Cedar lets you easily implement whatever changes you can imagine to create unique picket fences of your own design:

  • Dog-eared or gothic pointed tops
  • Customizable post caps and board width

Installing a cedar gate is one way you can add creativity to your cedar picket fence. While picket fences seem simplistic, they can evoke plenty of charm and lasting appeal. Install a trellis archway over the gate for an added touch to your picket fencing, or switch up the standard uniformity by adding a curve to your picket fence, giving your yard a flowing appearance.

Request a quote and let us know how we can build a cedar picket fence for your home. Or let us know your picket fencing ideas so we can help you build your very own custom picket fence.

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