Frequently Asked Questions

Rick's Custom Fencing & Decking wants to make your project a success. Below are answers to our frequently asked questions, which you should be aware of before starting your project.

Can you tear out & dispose of my old fence or deck?

Yes. We can tear out & haul away old fencing or decking for a small fee and include that with our final estimate.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. In many situations if the customer can give us measurements over the phone we can do preliminary estimates by phone which can expedite the process. Later, to proceed with the project, we can come out and confirm the measurements and make any changes needed.

Do quotes on the price of installed decks include handrails and steps?

No. Because we don’t know if it’s needed.

How soon can we build the project?

This depends upon the time of year. Rick's Custom Fencing & Decking strives to get to your project as soon as possible. We tend to be out three to four weeks on our schedule in the spring and early summer. Winter time we can get a project done within a week. Winter time is the best time to build your fence or deck.

How much does a fence cost?

To find out what the cost of your project will be give us a call and we'll be glad to give you a free estimate. Or, click on Sale Pricing on the bottom left of the page which will take you to our current ad. If you know the footage of your fence or deck project it will give you an approximate cost. Remember, the cost your deck or fence is usually outweighed by the enhanced value added to your home.

How do I apply stain to my deck?

You can brush it on, roll it on, or spray it on. However, you need to apply it to a small area that you can easily reach and then immediately wipe off any excess. This is similar to putting an oil finish on a piece of furniture.

How do I apply stain to my fence?

You can brush it on, but the best method is to use a pump-up garden sprayer, the same type that you would use for weed killer or insecticides.

How can I keep my fence and deck looking new?

By properly applying Rick’s Fence Stain to your fence or Rick’s UV Deck Stain to your deck you can keep your fence and deck looking great for years.

When is the best time to stain my fence or deck?

You want to let your fence or deck set for a few days in warm sunny weather so that the moisture will evaporate out of the wood. If you apply stain immediately there will be too much moisture in the wood for the stain to penetrate properly. If your project is being built in the winter, you will probably need to wait until spring to apply your stain. It’s not the rainy winter weather that destroys wood and turns it gray; it’s the hot summer sun.

How wide should my gates be?

42” wide is standard but we like to build them at 48” to insure that there is enough room for wheelbarrow and lawnmower to get through without banging up the post.

What type of wood do you recommend as a decking material?

We use and recommend cedar decking. Cedar is a natural northwest wood that performs well with our weather conditions in this area. Cedar is also the most attractive wood for deck surfacing. We use native, Pacific Northwest #1 Port Orford cedar from Riddle, Oregon.

What type of fence posts do you use on wood fences?

We use & recommend pressure treated posts and we even have a larger than standard post, a 5x5 post that we recommend for many applications that is larger and stronger than a standard 4x4 post.

What purpose does a Cedar cap on my fence serve?

1. A cap strengthens the fence, 2. It protects the tops of post and boards and adds years to the life of your fence.

Which is better wood or vinyl?

Both are great products, however it depends upon your needs, your landscaping, and the architecture of your home.

How do I get that gray weathered look on my fence or deck?

The best way to achieve the weathered look is to use a gray stain. That will provide the look you desire and still protect your investment. You don(TM)t want to let your fence or deck weather naturally because when the weather turns your wood gray your fence is starting to deteriorate. Untreated wood will check and crack because of expansion and contraction, and then moss and mold will grow in those areas causing the wood to rot. You should always use a stain.

Is there really a Rick?

Yes! Rick started Rick(TM)s Custom Fencing and Decking in 1980. He spends most of his time concentrating on purchasing lumber so we always have plenty of inventory and great values for our customers.

Do we sell materials individually?

Yes we do. We have a variety of individual materials from one board to an entire fence package for the do-it-yourselfer. In addition, we also do frame sets and post sets where we install the deck frame or fence posts, deliver you the materials and then you can finish the installation at a savings.

Does your fence package include pressure treated rails?

No. Pressure treated rails tend to twist. There is no need to use pressure treated rails unless you have ground contact. We use a Hem Fir product that will provide the needed strength and durability.

Does your fence package include cedar rails?

No. Cedar rails are too soft. We use a hem fir product that is superior in strength.

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