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Every home is unique. From great-looking patio covers to striking deck designs, every inch of your home’s outside appearance serves as an expression of your individuality. But adding personality to your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A smaller-scale project such as a custom fence can meet your creative needs and provide affordable functionality.

A custom fence adds huge personality to your home for such a small investment. A custom fence can bring out the best in any style of home, from modern to traditional, offering timeless appeal that the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

A custom fence from high quality Port Orford cedar can unlock your potential for artistic expression. Find out how you can express yourself with a custom fence from Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking.

Make Your Home Stand Out with a Custom Fence from Rick’s Fencing

Looking for unique fence designs to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood? Custom fencing can add just the right amount of style to impress the neighbors. Showing off your creativity with custom fencing can fill you with pride while providing your home with gorgeous visual appeal.

We offer many styles of custom fencing. If you need some help choosing the right custom fencing for your home, these are a great start to finding your own design.

  • Solid Style
  • Privacy
  • Good Neighbor
  • Picture Frame
  • Lattice Top
  • Picket Fence
  • Split Rail

Incorporating spectacular custom fence designs into your home can do more than enhance its appearance. You can improve the worth of your home and attract potential buyers once you’ve put it up on the market—all thanks to attractive custom fencing.

Add to the Style of Your Home with Custom Fences of Any Design

A customized wood fence can complement the existing style of your home. Do you want to show off your home’s modern sensibilities? Or perhaps draw attention to a well-kept garden? Custom fencing allows you all this and more.

Rick’s has been providing custom fencing for Pacific Northwestern homes for over twenty years. Yours could be next! If you have a custom fence design or an idea, our professional staff will help you achieve your desired result. Our goal is to provide the experience, materials, and professional carpenters to achieve your dream. We think you’ll find our custom fences will be creative, cost-effective, and will incorporate your individuality.

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