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CoverStone Outdoor Stone Flooring is a Hot Trend in Flooring Design

CoverStone is a decorative stone and epoxy overlay system that is quickly becoming one of the hottest outdoor stone flooring options given how well it melds with the outdoor environments such as decks, patios, as well as different types of custom gates. Elegant in design yet extremely easy to maintain, CoverStone comes in a rainbow of colors and can accommodate the most complex logos and graphics for a beautiful landscaping addition.

Unlike concrete stone outdoor flooring that can appear pockmarked, stained, or generally dirty over time, CoverStone is stain resistant. Oil, grease, dirt, gasoline, etc., cleans up easily—making this patio material ideal for driveways. CoverStone is also porous, so water will seep through rather than pooling on driveways or patios. Rick's Custom Fencing and Decking offers a wide selection of products for outdoor living spaces including custom deck and fence designs.

CoverStone Outdoor Patio Stone Flooring Installation is Cost-Effective

CoverStone is designed to go right on top of existing concrete patios, so there's no messy or loud jackhammering required. Plus, CoverStone cures quickly. Weather permitting, it can be walked on the day after installation, and driven on four days after installation.

The cost of CoverStone outdoor stone flooring is also a bonus, as it costs less than tile, brick, slate, terrazzo, flagstone or other pavers—and is much easier to clean and maintain.

Repairs Are a Snap with CoverStone

CoverStone expands and contracts up to 20% along with the surface it covers, so this reduces nearly all cracking and need for repairs. If shifting earth should cause a crack to appear, CoverStone can easily be repaired with aesthetically similar materials. CoverStone is also weather resistant-ice and freezing weather are no match for its strength and durability.

Cleaning of CoverStone Requires Little More Than a Hose

An occasional spray down with a hose and water is all it takes to keep CoverStone looking like new. For overall maintenance, a pressure wash is recommended at least once a year, and resealing is recommended every 24 months.

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