Cedar Deck Railings

Cedar deck railings can add traditional appeal to your deck designs. The gorgeous wood grain of cedar deck railings evokes the kind of classic outdoor appeal that the Pacific Northwest has become known for. If you’ve been searching for the perfect addition to your deck, cedar deck railings are a perfect fit.

Even a small addition to your deck can greatly improve the appearance of your home. We offer cedar deck railing designs to enhance your home, or invite you to come to us with your own custom design. Whichever you choose, you can provide your home with a more completed look.

Make Your Wooden Deck Shine with Cedar Deck Railings

Cedar decking has remained popular in the Pacific Northwest for a number of reasons—chief among these being its smooth, lustrous appearance. Cedar deck railing designs make up the majority of decks in this region, offering warm golden tones which instantly draws the eye.

In addition to being a beautiful wood, cedar is extremely durable. Resistant to insects, rot, and mold, cedar is the perfect combination of natural beauty and function. It is a natural wood, native to the Pacific Northwest, making it perfectly suited for the temperate climes of Oregon and Washington.

If you have TigerWood or PVC decking instead of cedar decking, incorporating cedar deck railing designs can add a nice touch. Mixing deck materials is a popular trend and is only continuing to grow more popular as homeowners put their own creative spins on traditional deck building.

With regular maintenance and care, your deck can look its best all year round. An annual re-staining on your cedar railings and the deck itself brings out the shine to the fine grain of cedar.

Add an Essential Safety Accessory to Your Deck with Cedar Deck Railings

Your cedar deck railing designs are more than simply deck accessories. You can fulfill an important safety function by installing cedar railings for your guests to rest against or assist them when they’re climbing up the stairs. With cedar deck railing, you can provide safety for those who use your deck and create a safer outdoor living space.

At Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking, we want you to have the best. We want you to have a deck you can be proud of, and we’re committed to providing you everything you need to get it. Request a quote today and find out how little it costs to get an amazing deck.

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