Port Orford Cedar

Cedar Decking Combines Superior Durability with Vibrant Style

Cedar decks are highly popular choices due to their durability, functionality, and vibrant, beautiful grain. Cedar is an ideal wood for high-moisture conditions, and is used in a variety of exterior products including shake roofing, siding, and hot tub skirting, gorgeous fence designs and innovative custom decks.

Many cedars have a wide range of colors. However, Port Orford Cedar is renowned for its consistency. When first milled, Port Orford Cedar is very blond, and initial exposure to oxygen and UV light will turn Port Orford Cedar to a beautiful consistent gold tone. Prolonged exposure will result in a silver patina.

In addition, Port Orford Cedar contains natural oils (phenols) which help prevent rot and insect attack. The wood also has a dense cell structure, which discourages shrinking and swelling over time—prolonging the life of your deck, and saving you in decking repair or replacement expense.

We Specialize In Port Orford Cedar Decking

Our cedar deck designs are constructed from native, Pacific Northwest Port Orford Cedar. As strength tests have shown, it’s the strongest decking material available for wood deck construction.

Port Orford cedar decking has a natural ability to withstand the toughest of external conditions. Where other decks may warp, rot, or cup as they expand and contract in seasonal temperatures, Port Orford's superior sustainability can handle the elements like no other wood can—including the popular western red cedar decking.

We'll Help You Build Your Own Cedar Deck and Save

In addition to offering complete professional installation of cedar decks, we also provide partial installs for customers. We install pressure treated support posts and framing materials, deliver the rest of the decking materials, and let homeowners finish the installation at a savings.

Our Customer Pledge to You

At Rick's Custom Fencing and Decking, providing exceptional customer service is why we're in business, and the deciding factor behind everything we do. We understand that meeting the needs of our customers, and anticipating future needs, will assure our progress and growth.

We want to install custom cedar decking that adds value to your home, and provides lasting enjoyment and functionality for yourself, your family, and everyone you entertain.

For more information on our cedar decking, and how to incorporate planters, arbors, a pergola, or patio cover to your deck to make it a backyard centerpiece, call us or come in and visit one of our 5 store locations in Hillsboro Oregon, Gresham Oregon, Vancouver Washington, Salem Oregon and The Tri-Cities in Kennewick Washington.

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