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How to Spice up Your Wood Fence for Spring

birdhouse fenceWood fences are just that, until you add your own special touches. While an eye-popping fence is appropriate all year round, the spring season is a great time to start adding some pizzazz to your cedar fence materials. Before you begin beautifying your wood fencing, however, make sure the fence itself is in good condition. Replace broken, rotted or missing boards so your fence is strong enough to support its new additions.

When decorating wood fences, it is important to keep in mind that any materials that are in constant contact with your cedar fence materials can cause moisture to become trapped between the two surfaces, which can lead to rot. Check your fence regularly for signs of damage, and be vigilant about cleaning and resealing.

Ideas for spicing up your wood fencing include:

Outdoor Art

Hanging outdoor art on the inside of your wood fencing can make your yard look like a true extension of your home. There’s no end to the types of outdoor art you can buy or create. Crafty types can even make use of salvaged materials, such as old window frames or wrought-iron work. For a durable three-dimensional look, shop for weatherproof painted cast resin artwork, which is lightweight and simple to hang. As long as you bring in your resin pieces for the winter, you can enjoy this type of outdoor art on your wood fencing for several years.

Painted wood cutouts are also a good option; they can be hung or, if they’re large, simply leaned against your wood fence. Make the cutouts yourself with a stencil, jigsaw, wood, paint and a paint sealer, or find pre-cut pieces of wood at the craft store that you can paint. You can also find completed pieces that are ready to hang.

If you are not shy with a paintbrush, create a mural, such as a landscape, along the length of your fence. Alternatively, you can make simple painted images of your favorite plants and flowers, such as grape leaves and vines, roses, tulips and climbing vines. If you like the idea of a painted fence but don’t feel up to the challenge of hand-drawing the art, use stencils instead.


Welcome nature into your yard with an assortment of birdhouses in your favorite styles. Experiment with different birdhouse sizes to see which visitors pay a visit to your yard. When hanging birdhouses on cedar fence materials, use the fence posts instead of the boards because they are stronger and can support the weight of a family of birds.


Winter isn’t the only time of year you can hang wreaths. Welcome the spring season with wreaths made of dried grapevines, which you can purchase or make yourself. Enhance them by adding your favorite silk flowers. To make the flowers stay put, secure them with waterproof superglue. Then make the silk flowers weatherproof by coating them with a waterproofing canvas spray.

Hanging Baskets

Porches and patios aren’t the only places that you can hang baskets of flowers. Attach decorative brackets to your wood fence posts to add extra dimension to your yard. Alternatively, a fun spin on hanging baskets is installing deep shadow boxes along your fence and adding small potted plants inside them. The result is live, framed art.


Add some height to your cedar fencing materials by installing a decorative trellis along the top of your fence. You can also spice up your fence by adding a vertical trellis onto the posts. Leave the trellis as is, or decorate it with climbing vines. Just make sure you check local building codes and HOA restrictions to avoid violating any rules about fence height.

Themed Décor

Jazz up your fence according to the season or a favorite theme. For example, add flags and ornaments in celebration of a springtime holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day or Easter. If you’re a fan of the sea, hang a fishing net dotted with shells, glass globes and silhouettes of flying birds onto your wood fencing. When hanging themed décor onto wood fences for more than a day, make sure the materials are weatherproof and fade-resistant.

There is no good reason to be stuck with a boring fence. Adding decorative elements onto wood fencing will help enrich your outdoor living space and give you a new reason to enjoy your yard.

[ Photo by:  CraftyBunny, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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