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Why PVC Decking is Perfect for Wintery Weather

weatherWinter in the Pacific Northwest can wreak havoc on home materials. Months of wet, cold weather tear away at paint, damage wood trim and set moss growing everywhere. Homeowners who hope for a tidy, clean appearance and a well-maintained home must be vigilant about tackling maintenance tasks once dry weather rolls around. Wise homeowners soon learn the value of materials that can naturally stand up to drizzly, cold conditions – PVC decking is one of those super-materials. PVC is ideal for wintery weather since it’s not organic and won’t break down under moist conditions. This waterproof decking material is perfect for withstanding winter weather for the following reasons:

1. Won’t get waterlogged and weakened, like wood decking. PVC decking stays strong and smooth regardless of whether it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Bonus: PVC can’t sustain internal mold or mildew growth, which can weaken a wood deck.

2. Won’t sustain damage from winter storms. PVC decking will break only under extreme pressure, which means it can stand up to strong gales.

3. Provides excellent drainage to keep water away from the home’s foundation. The best PVC decking (such as our Gorilla Deck) includes draining mechanisms to pull water away from your home. If you install this type of waterproof deck, you won’t have to worry about slippery puddles or drainage problems down the road.

4. Easy to clean once dry weather rolls around. A PVC waterproof deck requires just three cleaning ingredients: water, soap and elbow grease. Whereas cleaning and refinishing a wood deck requires a substantial time commitment, waterproof decking can typically be cleaned in a single afternoon.

5. Slip-resistant, thanks to wood-like texture. If you have seniors or small children around, you probably worry about treacherous falls. Most modern PVC decking features a surface texture akin to that of timber, which helps prevent winter tumbles.

Winter is a challenging time of year in the Pacific Northwest. By selecting PVC decking, you can avoid a major winterization task – deck refinishing – which means you can spend more time actually enjoying the gorgeous weather once the sun finally reappears.


[ Photo by: Steve A Johnson, via CC License ]

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