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Why Homebuyers Love Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio CoverFads are nearly impossible to predict. Who could have predicted the popularity of Kate Bush or David Byrne, for instance? However, when it comes to patio covers, it’s easy to see why aluminum patio cover designs are gaining popularity among homebuyers.

An aluminum patio cover adds livable space.

Many areas of the country, including our native Pacific Northwest, are temperate for most of the year. In these areas, it can be comfortable outside even in November and December, provided you’re willing to dress in layers. Of course, the rain makes the same conditions absolutely miserable. An aluminum patio cover is like candy to homebuyers because it allows them see the home’s potential for near year-round outdoor living. With a patio cover to provide protection from the rain, your home’s decking materials will be inviting for much of the year.

Aluminum patio covers are durable.

The aluminum framework makes an aluminum patio cover able to stand up to years of harsh weather conditions. Our own translucent Sky Vue patio covers can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. In the winter, Sky Vue patio covers can take up to 25 pounds of snow per square foot. And our aluminum patio cover offers protection from harsh sun as well – it blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays. Homeowners love the idea of having such a strong, useful structure on their property.

Aluminum patio covers require almost no maintenance.

New homeowners have enough to worry about without adding patio cover maintenance to the mix. An aluminum patio cover requires almost no upkeep – all that is needed is a good cleaning now and then.

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