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Whether a Pergola or Patio Cover, Tri-Cities Windy Conditions Require the Expertise to Build a Solid Structure

PergolaPergolas and patio covers are some of the most popular outdoor living structures in the Tri- Cities. (Pergolas have open roofs, while patio covers provide solid protection from the elements.) These structures allow Tri-Cities residents to take advantage of the area’s desert sun – more than 300 days of sun per year, typically! In such a dry, sunny place, it just makes good sense to build a comfortable, sturdy outdoor living structure.

Structural integrity is important when building anything in the Tri-Cities, due to the famous Chinook Winds that sweep through the area. Named after local tribes, the Chinook Winds are warm enough to melt winter snows in a day and strong enough to blow down shoddily constructed structures.

Bob Mead, manager of our Tri-Cities fencing and decking store, knows how local conditions challenge the durability of Tri-Cities pergolas. “Due to winds in Tri-Cities often in excess of 30 miles per hour, our clients seek solid pergolas that will withstand the often gusty conditions,” he said. Washington residents who hope to build long-lasting pergolas and patio covers can feel confident in relying on Rick’s, an experienced contractor with the expertise needed to build robust structures in this unique climate.

Both the sunshine and windy conditions in the Tri-Cities can be traced to its location east of the Cascades. As air climbs the side of the mountains, it is placed under great pressure, its temperature drops, and rain is more likely. This is why places like Portland, located to the west of the Cascades, receive the brunt of storms’ moisture. In contrast, a “rain shadow” exists on the eastern side of the Cascade mountain range, as air warms while dropping in elevation. Simultaneously, the decrease in pressure as air descends the mountainsides results in a release of energy that is expressed in wind. Physics experts refer to this heat transfer as the as adiabatic process.

You can trust the experts at Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking to build Tri-Cities pergolas and patio covers that will last for decades. We pride ourselves on engineering and design know-how that will stand up to the roughest Chinook Winds and the harshest high-desert sun.

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