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What’s Hot in Residential Fencing

chain link fencingWith the U.S. economy still down in the dumps, and jobs still hard to find, at least one industry is making a steady turn for the better. What industry is that? You guessed it – the fencing industry.

According to a new report from Reportlinker, the demand for fencing in the United States is expected to increase by 2.9 percent over the next four years, reaching 935 million linear feet by 2014. The report states that this increase is mainly due to a rebound in housing completions this past year.

The report goes into great detail about a number of interesting changes in the US fencing market. Here are a few of the more fascinating statistics:

1. Plastics and composites will grow fastest. The demand for plastic, composite and vinyl fences is expected to grow at the most rapid pace over the next four years, due mainly to the popularity of the fencing supplies. Plastic and composite fences resemble natural wood but are often less expensive, require less maintenance and last longer. Plastic and composite fences are also considered to be more environmentally friendly, since they last longer and are easier to ship.

2. Demand for chain link fencing will beat demand for wood fencing. Over the next four years, the demand for chain link fencing in the United States is expected to grow 2 percent each year, due mainly to the material’s popularity as a boundary marker and its use in security systems. Demand for wood fencing, on the other hand, will advance at a relatively slow pace.

3. Residential market will lead gains. Now that homeowners and builders are getting back to finishing construction projects, the demand for residential fencing materials is expected to take off. Of the $1.5 billion advance in fencing demand expected to occur by 2014, residential fencing is expected to make up two-thirds.

So if you’re a fencing professional, or simply a homeowner looking to install a new privacy fence, you can feel confident that the industry will be going strong and offering high quality products at competitive prices.

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