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What Trex Decking and Kleenex Have in Common

People often get confused when shopping for a new deck. They’re curious about this popular decking material they’ve heard of called Trex—you know, the kind that’s extra-durable and made from recycled materials—and they want to know if we carry it.

The answer is, well, sort of.

composite deckingWhat Trex Really Is

Trex is actually a brand name for composite decking, a construction material that’s made of wood fibers encased in plastic for enhanced strength and durability. Although Trex is just one brand among many, its name has become common usage for composite decking in general. In other words, if composite decking were tissue, then Trex would be the Kleenex.

Not All Composite Decking is Created Equal

What makes composite decking a popular alternative to wood is its resistance to warping, splitting, and rot, paired with the fact that it’s virtually maintenance free. A composite deck can last two to three times longer than a solid wood deck.

Still, there are variations between manufacturers. Composite decking can vary in the amount of wood that’s blended with plastic, from 50 percent wood and 50 percent plastic to decks made of 70 percent wood. The higher the wood content, the more susceptible your deck can become to problems such as mold, rot, and insect damage. Composite decking can also vary in the amount of post-consumer content that’s used; while it’s possible to build a composite deck from 100 percent recycled materials, not all manufacturers do.

The Composite Decking We Like Best

At Rick’s, we exclusively use composite decking made by WestStar, and we’ve found it to be a superior decking material. WestStar uses a 50/50 blend of plastic and wood for ultimate durability. The wood comes from recycled shipping palettes and scrap wood from cabinet making operations, while the plastic is salvaged from post-consumer bottles.

WestStar composite decking comes with a full 20-year warranty, and we consider it the toughest and longest-lasting decking material available, as well as an attractive alternative to cedar decking.

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