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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Deck this Winter

A Knotty QuestionIf you own a cedar deck, Portland residents, chances are you rarely use it once the patio furniture has been put away for the winter. Although Portland’s wet weather certainly makes it more challenging to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months, it is possible to use your deck all year. Avoid going stir crazy this winter – keep on using your outdoor living space by following these suggestions:

1. Add a patio cover.

Patio covers are available in a wide variety of styles. Some are solid, like the roof of your house. Others are transparent, allowing sunlight to filter through. Either of these types of patio covers will allow you to get more use out of your cedar deck during the rainy season.

2. Install a hot tub.

Especially if you have a patio cover in place, a hot tub can be a delectable draw to your cedar deck. Portland residents are often active, busy people, and hot tubs offer plenty of therapeutic benefits. There’s no way to unwind and release stress quite like soaking in the hot tub. Once you install your new tub, consider adding a trellis around it for additional privacy.

3. Use a deck heater or fire pit.

Even if you don’t mind getting wet, there are some days when it’s just too cold to sit out on your cedar deck. Portland’s moist climate makes winter’s chill seem even colder; the rain seems to settle into your bones and soak straight through to your soul. Fortunately, a deck heater or fire pit can help you stay nice and toasty on your cedar deck.

Portland’s weather isn’t all that bad, in the end. Just think – it would be impossible to enjoy a cedar deck in Rapid City, South Dakota in November or December. With just a few tweaks, such as protection from the rain and a heat source, you can enjoy your Portland deck throughout the year.

[ photo by: somegeekintn on Flickr, via CC License ]

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