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Water Proof Decking: A Solution for Northwest Homeowners

PVC DeckingHome maintenance is much more difficult in places with extreme weather patterns. Here in the Pacific Northwest, for example, we have to ready our homes for six months of nearly constant rain. Home exteriors must be refinished regularly; roofs and sidewalks must be stripped of moss; and any wooden materials must be refinished routinely in order to stand up to the Pacific Northwest drizzle. In such a damp place, there’s clearly an advantage in anything water proof.

Decking that’s impervious to water will last much longer – and look much better in the long term – than non water proof decking. Pacific Northwest property owners have a range of options when it comes to water proof decking; some of our favorites are named below. All of these products are made of PVC, so they’re low-maintenance and resistant to weather.

Water Proof Decking Products

1. Azek Deck

Azek is stain-proof, impervious to insects and rot, and resistant to splitting and scratches. Who could ask for anything more? Well, if you’re a savvy deck owner, you’d know to ask for a warranty, as well; good thing Azek water proof decking comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Gorilla Deck

Plants tend to flourish in wet places like the Pacific Northwest. One problem this causes for deck owners is that leaves and other organic materials become caught between deck planks. Left long enough, this kind of detritus can cause rot and mold issues. Gorilla water proof decking solves this problem with a unique interlocking design that eliminates gaps between boards. Additionally, Gorilla decking promotes exceptional drainage – its boards fit together so tightly that the homeowner can use the under-deck area for storage instead of fretting over under-deck drainage issues.

Of course, Gorilla water proof decking is also scratch- and split-resistant, and it will never fall pray to insect infestation or rot. It also requires only minimal maintenance, just like Azek decking.

3. Endeck

If you love the look of wood but hate maintaining it, Endeck is the right water proof decking material for you. Endeck is embossed with a wood grain pattern on both sides, which increases slip resistance. It really does look like wood – guests are often unaware that they’re not standing on a wood deck until the host or hostess mentions it. Endeck water proof decking is also highly fire resistant – it has earned a Class A flame spread certification through CalFire. As you’ve probably guessed by now, Endeck is also low-maintenance and impervious to rot, infestation, scratching and checks.

All of the water proof decking materials mentioned above are durable, attractive and easy to maintain – three qualities that homeowners love.


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